Protect Yourself and Your Belongings With Renters Insurance

by | Jan 13, 2016 | Insurance

Homeowners know the benefit of having insurance on one of the largest purchase they will make in their life, but very few who rent property have ever considered protecting themselves or their possessions. Renters Insurance can be one of the best investments a person makes to protect themselves and the contents of the home they rent. The thought does not cross many renters minds until the unthinkable happens and then it is too late.

Talking with an insurance agent can help to determine the coverage a person needs to be based on the property they are renting and the items they need to cover. A good number of people choose to forego getting rental insurance because they fear it will cost too much. The truth is the cost of covering property damage would far exceed the monthly amount for protection. An insurance agent can also help to keep the monthly premiums low by discussing the options for coverage that are needed. Going through the same company that provides their auto insurance can also get people a discount for having multiple policies helping to lower the cost of being insured.

Renters Insurance is broken down into two major components and rider policies can be added based on the valuables a person has. Renters content insurance covers the contents of a property due to loss caused by fire, theft, or environmental disaster. Renters liability coverage protects a person should they be responsible for damages to the property they rent or another person’s property. These two components can keep a person from being put into financial ruin should an accident occur while they are renting property. This coverage can cost as little as $10.00 a month and carry many benefits. Many renters are also finding that looking into rental insurance is necessary to rent any property as a part of their lease agreement.

Contacting an insurance company can help give clarification on the type of coverage one may need and how to go about getting the right policy. Many insurance companies offer various types of insurance and can also cover other valuables that a person may not have considered. To view the types of insurance, a company can provide their clients, visit

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