Pulpitis and Local Dentists Honolulu

There is a perception that pulpitis is an inflammation of the tooth nerves, but this definition does not fully characterize the disease and does not accurately convey its essence. There comes a time when everyone suffers from a toothache. Most of the time, believe it or not, the cause is pulpitis. To get rid of pulpitis many people have to go through root canal treatment, or more simply, seal the channels. You must see your local Dentists Honolulu in order to have this done properly. Depending on how the disease occurs, there are two types of pulpitis – acute and chronic.


The main reason that pulpitis develops is tooth decay. Between the pulp chamber and tooth decay remains a small amount of tissue, through which toxic substances begin to enter the nerves and vessels. This provokes the emergence and development of the process of inflammation. After that there is a connection between the pulp chamber and the oral cavity. Often pulpit, which arose as a result of toxic effects of chemical material fillings. Tooth trauma, for example, can lead to pulpitis.


Acute pulpitis is seen as a “shooting” pain in the area of the affected tooth. Very often, pain occurs or worsens at night. Attacks begin on their own, without any apparent reason, and increased pain is associated with fluctuations in air temperature or food intake. It is often impossible to determine which tooth hurts because the pain covers half of the jaw, and sometimes half of the face. Chronic pulpitis is also quite common. Visit the site to know more.


Dentists remind patients that in order to avoid the occurrence of pulpitis, decay should be treated promptly. You should be seen by Dentists Honolulu at least once every six months. Poorly cured pulpit or neglected cases of pulpitis is fraught with consequences such as periodontitis. This is the most common complication caused by pulpitis, which is characterized by inflammation. Speaking of bad or substandard care, poor seals can also cause pulpitis.

In order to accurately determine tooth decay, it is necessary to do an X-ray. The process may already be chronic, but there are several ways to help you get rid of the pulpitis pain. One of them is to take pain medication, but this is only a temporary solution. The best thing is to seek qualified medical help.

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