Purchasing Guide for Water Dispenser System in Sullivan County

Drinking water is essential to a healthy life. Many Sullivan County consumers want to drink more water without worrying about possible toxins lurking in the tap water. They are looking into purchasing a Water Dispenser System in Sullivan County.

What to Know Before You Buy

All water dispensers are not the same. Water coolers and water dispensers are broadly considered to both be water dispenser systems. They are both devices that cool and dispense water but that is all a water cooler will do. Water dispensers will filter the water and are either electric or non-electric. A non-electric dispenser will filter the water, but will not change the temperature of the source water.

An electric water dispenser will filter the water from the source and then send it through either a heating or a cooling element depending on the desired temperature of the water. Either type will accommodate the standard size water bottles commonly available for purchase for a free-standing unit. Water dispenser systems can also be plumbed directly into the cold water line to use filtration on an already existing sink and faucet. Look at your needs to first determine which type of dispenser system will best suit your home or business. Dispenser systems can often be rented if a purchase is not in your current budget.

A Good Environmental Choice

Many consumers purchase large packages of individual-sized plastic water bottles to drink clean and tasty water each day. Those bottles, even if recycled, require a tremendous amount of energy to manufacture. Additionally, because only about 25% of people will recycle their plastic bottles, over one billion plastic bottles will end up in landfills each year. The energy used to make the bottled water could power nearly 200,000 homes a year. And the oil used to manufacture all of those bottles could fuel 1.3 million cars. A sizeable environmental impact can be made simply by switching to a water dispenser system.

Using a water dispenser, especially one plumbed into an already existing water line, tremendously reduces the plastic usage by consumers. Additionally, research is continually discovering new toxins within plastic that can leach into the water you are drinking. Drinking from multiple plastic bottles a year instead of from filtered tap water could be detrimental to your health. Is it worth the risk?

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