Questions and Answers About Ceramic Tile Flooring In Maple Grove MN

An attractive and durable type of flooring material that’s widely used in homes today is ceramic tile. Before purchasing ceramic tiles from a professional company that specializes in Tile Flooring in Maple Grove MN, read the questions and answers below.

Q.) What are ceramic tiles, what are they made out of and how are they manufactured?

A.) Ceramic tiles are square or rectangular tiles that can be used as an inside or outside flooring material. These tiles are mainly made out of clay, but sand is also added to the mixture when ceramic tiles are made. After these tiles are molded into the correct shape, and the coloring is added, they’re placed into a kiln and fired at a high temperature. Some ceramic tiles are then glazed to give them a shiny appearance and then they’re fired in the kiln a second time.

Q.) What is the difference between installing glazed or unglazed ceramic tiles?

A.) In addition to the glossy surface of glazed tiles, the glaze helps to keep the tiles from getting stained. This is especially important when ceramic tiles are installed in the kitchen. Without the protective coating, unglazed tiles can soak up stains that can be difficult to remove. To keep unglazed tiles from becoming stained, homeowners can apply a sealant to the tiles after they’re installed. This sealant keeps the stains from penetrating down into the ceramic tile.

Q.) What are the best rooms in the home for the installation of Tile Flooring in Maple Grove MN?

A.) Ceramic tiles are a popular flooring choice for kitchens and bathrooms because wetness, heat, and humidity won’t damage this type of flooring material. Since ceramic tiles are strong and durable, they are often used in high-traffic areas of the home. Keeping ceramic tile clean is a simple task and all that’s required is a mop and the recommended cleaning solution. In between cleanings, homeowners can easily vacuum or sweep up dust and dirt.

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