Questions to Ask Roofers in Topeka, KS Before Replacing the Roof

The homeowner has some concerns about the roof, and wonders if the time has come to replace it. Before making any assumptions, it pays to get help from an expert. After calling one of the local roofers in Topeka KS and arranging for an inspection, it pays to jot down a few questions. Here are some examples of what to include on the list.

Would Repairs or a Total Replacement Be Best?

Depending on the outcome of the inspection, the roofer may confirm that the old roof needs to go at once. This is usually the case when it is beyond saving, or the repairs would cost almost as much as a complete replacement. Reputable roofers in Topeka KS will provide an honest assessment, even if the news is not what the owner hoped. That’s because the roofer is focused on ensuring the client does receive the best possible advice.

Would a Different Type of Roof Be Better?

Assuming the roof does need replacing, talk with the roofer about the different materials used for residential roofs. While the current one is composed of asphalt shingles, it never hurts to consider the use of some other material. Many homeowners are surprised to learn about the popularity of residential metal roofs these days. The roofing professional can go over the pros and cons associated with each approach, including the type of maintenance needed and the average life of each roofing material.

What About Color?

There’s likely more than one color that will work for the roof. Based on elements of the house, the roofer will likely recommend roofing in a certain color range. For example, the home was built in the middle of the 20th century, and sports a brick facade. The tiny flecks of color found in those bricks is different from what is generally found on homes built in the decades since. The roofer will point out options that work best with the brick facade and improve the look of the entire home.

If the homeowner is wondering about the condition of the roof, contact us today. A professional will check the roof and provide the client with some ideas of what to do next.

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