Randolph NJ Retaining Walls are in High Demand

You can have the most beautiful home in the world, but if it doesn’t have proper drainage to take water away from the house, the foundation can begin to slide or mold can form inside the home. Water must be able to drain into a sewer or septic system during rainstorms and heavy snow melts. Standing water not draining properly can cause toxic mold to form inside the home because of dampness and a basement’s bricks or cement blocks to crack. Have you ever heard of a French drain? A trench is dug around the home and pipes with little holes in them are placed inside the trench. Stones and rocks, then soil cover the pipe enabling water to drain through and out of the perforated pipe away from the home to a sewer that can hold the water without it backing up, keeping the perimeter of the home nice and dry.

Homes that are not serviced by public and municipal sewage systems need septic tanks to drain human waste, shower and laundry water from a home. These septic systems have good bacteria in them that thrive on the waste, while the water moves along in perforated pipes and by the time it gets to a drain, the water is basically clean. The amount of people in the family dictates how often the septic tank should be cleaned, which is generally, every two to five years. Most companies that install Randolph NJ Retaining Walls install French drains and septic tanks. They also build patios, decks, outdoor kitchens, do fall planting, along with snow removal.

Retaining walls can be made of cement blocks, rocks, beautiful stones, logs, and bricks. These types of walls are ornamental and beautiful while holding back soil that may erode. Many home-owners want beautiful walkways made of rocks, stones or bricks. They also want their lawn and gardens maintained all year long. They search for companies they can trust with workers who are above reproach to install Randolph NJ Retaining Walls. If you want a gorgeous landscape, but you just don’t have time, click the ‘contact us’ button on one of the websites and request a free consultation.

Whether you want trees trimmed, mulching services to protect your plants, trees removed, spring clean-up, snow removal or all around lawn maintenance, give one of the companies a call to have the beautiful property you want without the work. Click Here for more information.

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