Reasons to Be Fitted For Clear Braces in Bristow

by | Jul 2, 2014 | Dentist

Individuals with crooked teeth may be embarrassed to smile. These people may feel judged by others based on the condition of their teeth. Children and teenagers may be made fun of by their peers, because of their misaligned teeth. Adults may not be taken seriously since they lack a professional appearance, due to misshapen teeth. However, people do not have to just learn to live with the condition. They can make an appointment with Gainesville Orthodontics to be fitted for Clear Braces in Bristow. As a result of new technology in the orthodontic field, individuals can correct their teeth without having to deal with any social stigma.


Invisalign is a corrective procedure that straightens teeth without wires or brackets. Clear aligners are formed into individual brackets that cover each misaligned tooth. As a result, these Clear Braces in Bristow are virtually undetectable. Friends and associates barely notice when aligners are worn.

Reasons to Inquire About Them

  • Invisible braces are not only hard to detect, but they can be removed. Brushing, flossing and eating can be completed with ease as a result.
  • Aligners are custom fitted for each patient and special treatment needs are considered by orthodontists.
  • Individuals do not have to worry about food particles getting stuck in wires or brackets since they are not used. They can eat foods that they enjoy more confidently.
  • Invisalign braces are comfortable to wear and do not cause sores or discomfort like traditional braces do.
  • Fewer appointments are needed for invisible braces treatment. Orthodontists make sure that they fit properly during the first initial fitting.

What To Expect

Aligners come in sets and each set is used for two weeks at a time. Gradually, crooked teeth begin to shift into a correct position. An appointment should be scheduled every two weeks with an orthodontist to make sure that the planned treatment is progressing as planned.

It typically takes 9 to 15 months for the teeth to become totally aligned. Patients may wear anywhere from 18 to 20 aligners in order to correct their teeth. Orthodontists will determine how many sets are needed on a case by case basis.



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