Reasons to Consider a Self Storage Unit in Lubbock TX

Most people decide to use a self storage unit when they are in the midst of a move to make things easier, which is a great way to use these facilities. Others prefer to store collectibles or other things they don’t necessarily want to get rid of, but don’t want to keep around and trip over in their home. Reasons can include moving, less clutter, secure and safe, better than a garage and more.


When you move from one house to another, you have a lot of things to box up, organize and move. Many people find that packing and moving on the same day or over a weekend just isn’t enough time, so they choose to rent a self storage unit in Lubbock TX so they can pack and organize items that they don’t necessarily need immediately. They take those boxes to the unit until time for the move so things are less hectic and easily reached.

No Clutter

Most people have a lot of stuff that they don’t want to throw away. You may enjoy collecting stamps, yarn, books or any number of other things though you don’t have the room in your house to hold all your treasures. Considering a self-storage facility in Lubbock TX can help you, as you can ensure all your items are safe, secure and away from moisture so that they are available whenever you want or need them.

Safe and Secure

Many people worry that their “treasures” are not safe whether they are in the home or a garage. Houses get broken into frequently in many areas, so it is all right to assume that your stuff isn’t as safe as you may think. If you have items that are truly valuable, a safe-deposit box may be a better option. However, for items that you love and cherish with little or no monetary value, a self storage facility could be a great choice as there are locks, security cameras and other safety and security precautions.

Garages vs. Self Storage

If you are like many, you store all your items in the basement or the garage. It seems like a good place because it is dry and free of mice and other rodents. However, basements have a tendency to get wet from leaks and garages can harbor rodents that you don’t notice.

Self storage in Lubbock TX is a great way to help during a move or to keep favorite items safe from weather. Consider A Byron Cowling Move when you need self-storage options.

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