Reasons to Hire Professional Contractors for Excavation in Guilford CT on Sloping Land

A residential property owner might be tempted to rent some equipment and rearrange the terrain of sloping land in the backyard to create two flat surfaces. However, it’s best to hire a professional contractor to do this type of Excavation in Guilford CT. The federal Occupational Safety & Health Administration recognizes excavating as one of the most dangerous construction jobs, and even a relatively small project has its potential hazards. Especially when a person is working on sloping land, the equipment has the risk of tipping over and causing serious injury. Earth moving that creates trenches or depressions on a slope means that the machinery sometimes is operated at a tilted angle. In addition, any instability in the terrain also can lead to an accident with the equipment.

Excavation in Guilford CT services can make a sloping landscape more functional for family use. For instance, a residential property situated on a slope can have earth moved to create a small near-vertical hill in the middle of the backyard, essentially leaving two separate flat areas. One of those areas could have a paved space for a patio outside the kitchen or living room, or it could even have a tennis court situated further back from the house. The other area could function as a lawn and garden.

For effective excavation and earth moving, professional contractors must thoroughly evaluate features of the land such as characteristics of the soil and the way drainage occurs. They determine whether a retaining wall would be advisable or whether the hill to be created can maintain itself without additional support. They must decide how steep the resulting slope will be and how tall this feature will be in the middle of the property. They confer with the property owners about all these considerations before starting work, since they want the family to be completely satisfied with the restructuring of the land.

A company such as Atwater Paving can do the excavating as well as any paving the homeowners would like.

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