Reasons to Hire Professional Residential Painting Services in Oahu

by | Oct 26, 2018 | Construction & Maintenance

Many homeowners think about painting the house on their own instead of hiring professional residential painting services in Oahu. And many of them eventually decide they don’t want to take on this big time-consuming project. They would rather spend that time on something else while also being assured that the project will be completed without any flaws.

Knowledge and Equipment

Contractors who provide residential painting services in Oahu know the best materials for the job and they already have the necessary equipment. They have experience in preparing the surface to make sure the paint adheres properly and there is no early flaking or peeling. They may do some scraping of old paint first and may also power-wash the building. Some painters say that the prep work is the most important part of the job.

A superb paint job requires knowledge of which type of brush and roller to use at each point of the project. Other tools also can be used to create various texture effects, although this is more common for interior paint work than exterior. The homeowner may also not realize the difference among various paint finishes, such as satin, flat and matte.

Safety Issues

Hiring professionals such as David’s Custom Roofing & Painting also eliminates the safety hazards risked by amateurs. Painting a house requires standing on stepladders or extension ladders, or on other equipment that give the painter access to the upper reaches of the building. Working at heights always poses safety issues, but professional contractors have the experience and necessary equipment to prevent falls.

Time and Expert Work

It typically takes an average person much longer to prep the surface, paint the house and clean the tools than is true for experienced contractors. In addition, if the prep work or painting is not done expertly, there will be more work ahead if paint chips start to peel away and fall off within a few months. That situation cannot be ignored because the paint is no longer adequately protecting the building, and it also can become an eyesore as the problem gets worse. Check out to learn more about one particular professional painting contractor.

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