Reasons to Re-Evaluate Home Insurance in Boston Before Summer

Most people look forward to the higher temperatures and longer days of summer, but homeowner’s Insurance in Boston may be the last thing they think of. As spring and summer approach, it’s time for homeowners to prepare for the unexpected by re-evaluating their coverage. Even seemingly harmless activities can pose a risk. Readers can click here for some of the most common reasons for homeowner’s insurance before summer comes.

BBQ Grills

Hot dogs and hamburgers are welcome additions to any summer picnic table, but there are safety precautions to consider. Homeowners should keep their BBQ grills away from the home, as a fire can cause severe damage. If there’s insufficient coverage, a summer barbecue can leave a homeowner with a bad taste in their mouth.

Personal Asset Increases

Those who got new gadgets over the holidays or for a summer birthday should include the asset’s value in an inventory of their personal property. RVs are a popular addition to a home but, before the summer travel season rolls around, the homeowner should adjust their insurance to reflect the asset’s value.

Additions and Renovations

As the weather gets warmer, many people turn their thoughts to home improvements and repairs. If the homeowner is using a contractor, they should ensure that the contractor’s liability insurance will cover injuries to workers. When remodeling is complete, the Sawyer Insurance Agency Inc. home insurance policy should be upgraded to reflect the home’s increased value.

Renting the Home

Vacation home exchanges are becoming popular, and they are an affordable way to live like the locals do. If one rents their house in such an arrangement, they should consult a homeowner’s insurance company because renters might not be covered. Moreover, if the homeowner lives elsewhere, they should ensure that vacation losses are covered.

Spring and summer are the right time to de-clutter the home, and they’re also a good time to consider the changes that may happen. By examining their homeowner’s Insurance in Boston, they can ensure that they have the right coverage for the new season, and they can protect themselves from warm weather and outdoor liabilities.

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