Reasons to Schedule Wheel Alignment Service in East Lansing MI

In the automotive service industry, there’s a saying about routine maintenance: pay me now or pay me later. Although commonly said in connection with oil changes, the importance of routine maintenance for other vehicle components should not be ignored. Affordable Wheel Alignment Service in East Lansing MI, for instance, can save the vehicle owner money over the long run.

Delaying the Need for Tire Replacement

Scheduling Wheel Alignment Service in East Lansing MI as recommended can allow vehicle owners to put more miles on tires and delay the need to spend hundreds of dollars replacing the prematurely worn rubber. Wheels that are not aligned properly cause tires to wear unevenly and lead to a need for early replacement. This is the primary reason to have the service completed.

Alignment per Manufacturer Recommendations

When should someone schedule this work at a garage such as Liskey’s Auto & Truck Service? The vehicle owner can follow the manufacturer’s recommendation, which usually is to have the wheels aligned once a year. This can be done at an appointment for an oil change and tire rotation. The mechanics will let the owner know if no problems have developed over the past year and there is no need for the service.

Symptom: Vehicle Drifting to One Side

Customers also bring cars and trucks in for specific reasons. Usually, a driver can tell if something has gone wrong with the alignment. If the vehicle drifts to one side while driving on a straight road, that’s often a sign that the wheels have become misaligned. Drivers might check this occasionally by very briefly lifting both hands from the wheel while traveling straight ahead in a no-traffic area. The vehicle should continue moving forward and not drift.

Other Reasons for Alignment Service

Two other instances call for alignment. One is when work is done on the suspension, such as when shocks or struts are replaced. Mechanics strongly encourage their customers to have this project completed after that type of repair service. Vehicle owners also may ask automotive technicians to check the alignment if they’ve recently hit a big pothole and felt the jarring effects.

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