Reasons Why Homeowners Choose Ceramic Floor Tiles in Nassau County Instead of Porcelain

Homeowners who want the look of high-end flooring in the kitchen and bathroom might be interested in porcelain but may not be so thrilled with the price. For a similar look, they may choose Ceramic Floor Tiles in Nassau County. These tiles generally are not as durable as the porcelain version. Nevertheless, they are suitable for general use, although not recommended for abnormally high traffic volume. That type of foot traffic is uncommon in residential settings.

Ceramic and Porcelain

Both porcelain and ceramic tiles begin with clay that is fired in a kiln. Porcelain is technically ceramic except the clay used is denser and more refined through purification processes. The firing is done at a higher pressure and temperature.

Ceramic tiles are less expensive to buy and also to install. Labor is less intense because the tiles are easier to cut and fit into corners and other precisely measured areas of each room. Yet ceramic is still a hard material and more difficult to work with than vinyl or linoleum.

Slip-Resistant Options

If the household residents are worried about slippery floors, they can choose tiles with a texture that is slip-resistant. This is an especially important consideration in the bathroom, where floors commonly get wet. If a texture isn’t particularly desirable, a bath mat or rug with a non-slip backing can be used.

Wall and Floor Tiles

Homeowners must never make the mistake of choosing ceramic wall tiles to install on the floor, as they will be prone to cracking and breaking. Working with an installation professional such as Anthony’s World of Floors Inc. prevents this type of error.

Hiring Professionals

Ceramic Floor Tiles in Nassau County add value to the home and increase owner satisfaction for an affordable price. Most people prefer to hire flooring contractors to install tile instead of turning this into a do-it-yourself project, as they want to make sure the work is completed without errors. The job is a time-consuming one as well since cutting the tiles is required to fit all around the perimeter of the rooms. Those doing the project must have all the right equipment on hand.

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