Recycling in CT: One Step Towards a Greener Earth

Glass, plastic or paper that is tossed into Connecticut garbage cans could be saving the earth. Area businesses like Willimantic Waste Paper Co provide hundreds of customers with the containers and services needed to turn garbage into useful products and conserve natural resources. When residents and businesses use Recycling CT communities, also preserve land, wildlife, and clean water supplies while helping their economies.

Recycling Creates Healthier Communities

Because of Recycling CT towns are now producing much less garbage. As a result, there are fewer unsanitary and often smelly landfills. The reduced need for landfills also allows communities to dedicate more land to parks, nature preserves, and other Eco-friendly, healthy spaces. Businesses work with recycling professionals to responsibly dispose of electronics, industrial waste, and even vehicles that might otherwise become toxic as they degrade. Keeping hazardous waste out of the land also protects local water supplies and wildlife.

Recycling Creates a Greener Earth

Manufacturing with re-claimed materials reduces the need for raw materials. Recycling conserves trees, oil, water and tons of ore. It reduces industrial pollution and the amount of energy needed to create products. Statistics show that manufacturing products from recycled aluminum cans alone uses about 95% less energy than creating them from raw materials. Reports also reveal that in just one year recycling can prevent 32 million metric tons of carbon from being released into the atmosphere. Manufacturing with recycled materials also reduces industrial water pollution, which is helping to conserve the earth’s clean water supplies

Recycling Is an Economic Boost

Dozens of new industries have sprung up to support recycling, and they are helping to create jobs and boost local economies. Waste management companies now have entire divisions devoted to Eco-friendly services. Recycling plants hire dozens of workers. Since many recycling businesses pay for materials, they also generate income for residents who collect and sell re-usable items.

Communities that recycle get local benefits while helping to save the earth. Recycling creates jobs and generates income, helps towns reduce landfills, and contributes to cleaner water. When recycled materials are forwarded for use in manufacturing, they help conserve raw materials and reduce industrial pollution.

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