Recycling Metal in CT: Part of an Earth-Friendly Industry

by | Feb 26, 2016 | Waste Management

Brightly colored recycling bins can be seen in almost every Connecticut town or city. Many are provided by waste management professionals who work closely with businesses like Calamari Recycling Co Inc. These experts collect and process tons of recyclable materials that are then used to make new products. Glass and Metal CT recycling companies create jobs, conserve natural resources and build greener communities.

Recycling Creates Rewarding Jobs

As the recycling industry has grown and developed, it has created a demand for unique and rewarding jobs. Recycling creates far more new jobs than traditional disposal businesses. The U.S. Natural Resources Defense Council reports that basic waste collection requires about 0.1 jobs for every 1,000 tons of material. Recycling spawns 20 times that amount or 2 jobs per 1,000 tons. As many as 4 jobs per 1,000 pounds of waste are needed when manufacturing reclaimed materials. In addition, the new work created by recycling is more interesting and rewarding than simple waste collection and disposal.

Recycling Builds Greener Communities

Each year tons of construction, residential, commercial and industrial waste is forwarded to recycling plants for processing. At that point, re-usable materials are sent to manufacturers and used in the construction of new products. Anything that cannot be recycled is disposed of responsibly. Plastic, glass, and Metal CT recycling reduces the need for landfills. It frees up land to use for parks and other green projects.

Recycling Benefits Businesses and the Earth

Businesses and communities that worry about their impact on the environment often work with recycling companies. Because of this demand, recycling experts make it simple for clients to reach them through a “Click Here” area on company websites. They will deliver roll-off containers to construction, demolition, and even home building sites. Their technicians also empty and pick up the dumpsters and sift tons of recyclables from them. Manufacturing with these materials uses as much as 92% less energy than with new materials. It also reduces industrial pollution.

The recycling industry helps communities conserve land and responsibly dispose of waste. Recycling businesses have also created thousand of new and interesting jobs. In addition, manufacturing with reclaimed materials conserves raw materials and reduces pollution. Visit the website for more information.

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