Referral Agency for Elderly in Lewis Center, OH Will Help You Find the Perfect New Home for Your Parents

Do you have a parent who is elderly or getting close to that age? It can feel difficult to decide whether he or she should stay in his or her own house or move to an assisted living facility. An advising agency can help a lot in these situations as they can assess your parent’s health, condition, activity level, and independence to find the perfect fit for him or her. Throughout the process, you and your parent will maintain complete control and will make the decisions together. Here are some areas that you and your parent can talk over with an advisor when deciding whether he or she should move from his or her home:


Does your parent have a difficult time getting around by himself or herself? If he or she lives alone, this can pose a danger because he or she can fall and become badly injured. If he or she does have problems moving by himself or herself or feeling unsteady on his or her feet, it may be time to consider moving him or her to an assisted living facility to ensure his or her safety and your peace of mind; contact a referral agency for elderly in Lewis Center, OH.

Mental State

If your parent gets easily confused, he or she may be nearing the time to move into an assisted living facility and a referral agency for elderly can help you find the perfect place. When an elderly person feels disoriented, it can be distressing for him or her to be alone because he or she has no one to help him or her sort out his or her confusion. Likewise, if he or she frequently feels lonely, barely leaves the house, or finds it hard to remember things, an assisted living facility may offer him or her company and stimulation to keep him or her feeling well.

Daily Living

The tasks of daily living can prove difficult for some elderly people. When these chores become too much for him or her, consider together the possibility of moving him or her to an assisted living facility. There, he or she can feel comfortable and taken care of without having to worry about his or her daily tasks. Oasis Senior Advisors – Central Ohio can help you find the perfect facility for your parent.

When it comes time to move your parent into an assisted living facility, contact a referral agency for elderly to help your parent find a great place where he or she will feel comfortable. If he or she is having issues with his or her mobility, mental state, or daily living activities, consider making that call today. You can also like them on Facebook for more information.

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