Removing Latex Paint From Wood Floors In Nassau County

If latex paint has spilled onto a hardwood floor, it can diminish the beauty of a room in a home and possibly ruin portions of a floor if it is not removed properly. The following steps will describe how to remove paint and apply fresh stain and varnish to the portion of a floor that was affected.


• towel

• plastic putty knife

• paint thinner

• sponge

• water

• wood cleaner

• lint-free cleaning cloth

• wood stain

• mixing stick

• rags

• thin paintbrush

• clear varnish

Steps To Remove Latex Paint

A towel can be used to soak up fresh paint. A towel should be pressed firmly against paint and not moved around on the flooring. If a towel is rubbed across other parts of a floor, latex paint may stain a larger portion of a floor. If latex paint has already hardened, the tip of a plastic putty knife may assist with loosened it. Any paint that remains on a floor and that cannot be lifted with a putty knife can be removed with a small amount of paint thinner that has been poured onto a sponge.

Steps To Clean Hardwood Flooring

Any traces of solvent that remain on a floor will effectively be eliminated with a damp sponge. A small amount of wood cleaner that is poured onto a clean sponge will remove any dirty residue that remains on a floor’s surface. Once the treated portion of a floor has dried, a rag can be used to apply wood stain to any parts of a floor that were previously covered with paint. After wood stain dries, an additional coat may need to be added to a floor if the surrounding wood is a darker shade. Otherwise, wood varnish can be applied over stain with a clean rag. A thin paintbrush can be used to cover small details on a wood floor.

If a wood floor ever becomes severely damaged or if a new floor is desired, a company that sells and installs Wood Floors in Nassau County can assist.

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