Repairing Holes In A Wooden Fence And Additional Types Of Fence Repair In Nassau County

Holes in a wooden privacy fence’s surface can diminish the beauty of a piece of property. If holes are not repaired, they can become larger and permanently destroy fencing panels. The following project will describe how to fill holes and coat wood with sealer. The Sealer will create a barricade that will prevent moisture from penetrating.


   *   The wood cleaning agent

   *   soft-bristled scrub brush

   *   wood putty

   *   caulk gun

   *   putty knife

   *   hand sander

   *   fine grit sandpaper

   *   water hose

   *   wood sealer

   *   mixing stick

   *   shallow paint tray

   *   paint roller

   *   extension handle

   *   paintbrush

Cleaning A Privacy Fence’s Exterior And Filling Holes

A wood cleaning agent should be applied to both sides of a wooden privacy fence. A soft-bristled scrub brush that is moved swiftly over a wooden surface will assist with removing stains or hardened residue. A fence will need to be rinsed off with a water hose in order to eliminate a cleaning agent or fine pieces of debris. Afterward, a wooden surface will require an hour or two to dry. A tube of wood sealer will need to be installed in a caulk gun. When a gun’s trigger is pressed, wood filler will be dispensed. After damaged areas are filled, wiping the surface of putty with a flexible putty knife will flatten it, so that is matches adjacent areas. Click here for more details.

Sealing Wood

Sealer should be applied to both sides of a privacy fence in order to prevent additional damage. Once a can of sealer has been stirred, a paint roller should be evenly coated with sealer. The Sealer can be applied by moving a roller along a wooden surface in straight lines. Once sealer has dried, an individual can visually inspect it to determine if more coverage is needed. If some parts of a fence were not covered with an initial coat of sealer, a second coat would need to be applied to it.

A company that specializes in Fence Repair in Nassau County can assist someone who does not feel qualified to make repairs or who owns a fence that has been severely damaged. A Fence Repair in Nassau County company will inspect fencing and replace parts as necessary. More information about services and repairs that Precision Fence LLC or a similar company makes can be acquired when an individual chooses to visit the website.

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