Replanting A Small Tree And Other Services Provided By A Tree Company in Boston

If a small tree is not receiving adequate sunlight or water, it can be removed from its current location and transported to a more suitable area by completing the steps below. After a tree has been replanted, it will flourish and remain healthy as long as it receives the nutrients that are needed.


•garden shovel

•small spade

•vinyl tarp

•measuring tape


•water hose

•thick pieces of twine or rope


Removing A Tree From Its Current Location

A garden shovel can be used to loosen the dirt that surrounds the base of a tree. Once a tree’s root system is revealed, a small spade that is used to remove small clumps of dirt will dislodge each root. A tree needs to be pulled upwards in order to remove roots. If a tree is placed on top of a vinyl tarp, it can be dragged to a different area without needing to struggle or lift a large amount of weight.

Planting A Tree In A New Location

A measuring tape will assist with determining the circumference of a tree’s root system. A garden shovel needs to be dug down into the ground several feet. Once a hole is deep and wide enough, a tree’s roots can be placed into the ground. Any fertilizer that is needed should be added to the soil that is used to fill in a hole. Plenty of water should be sprayed around a tree’s base.

A layer of mulch that is applied over the soil that is damp will assist with water retention. If a tree is wobbly once it has been replanted, anchoring it to a stable item with a couple pieces of twine or rope may be necessary. Once a tree’s roots take hold, twine or rope can be removed from a tree’s trunk.

A home or business owner can Contact Cambridge Landscape or another tree company in Boston in order to receive assistance with selecting trees for purchase or planting them on a piece of property. A tree company in Boston offers maintenance services as well and will provide trees with a manicured appearance.

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