Respite Senior Care in Monmouth County Helps Caregivers Provide for their Loved Ones by Jersey Shore Adult Day Health Care Center in Monmouth County New Jersey

Are you the caregiver for an elderly person, struggling to keep them at home, but having problems balancing caretaking with the rest of your obligations? If so, you will be happy to learn that you have options for senior care in Monmouth County. New Jersey’s own Jersey Shore Adult Day Health Care Center, which services Monmouth County, is designed to provide daytime respite care services. These respite care services not only give caregivers a break, but also provide seniors with a greater level of stimulation and activity than they would get in a strictly at-home environment, providing a great alternative to assisted living facilities for seniors that can live at home, but need a little help.

How can an adult day health care center help your family? It depends on what you need. At Jersey Shore Adult Day Health Care Center, we have clients with a wide range of needs. Some of our clients come to our facility mainly for the social interaction benefits, because we have an active events and activities schedule that keeps seniors involved with their peer group and with their community. Other clients come to the facility for the health benefits; we not only arrange transportation to doctors but are also affiliated with a number of healthcare providers, and can facilitate a variety of medical interventions. Some clients come to us because they need some assistance with daily living needs, and we provide those services, including help with showering, dressing, and other basic daily living requirements, when needed.

Whatever your individual needs, Jersey Shore Adult Day Health Care Center will strive to meet them. We assess each of our clients

At Jersey Shore Adult Day Health Care Center, we offer services aimed at increasing quality of life for our senior users and for their caregivers. Each of our users has a registered nurse and a primary care physician who head up a multi-disciplinary team that creates an individualized care plan for the seniors. This care plan includes medical services, social services, therapeutic recreational activities, dietary, and rehabilitative services, as needed. This can mean helping manage chronic conditions like hypertension or diabetes, addressing any psychosocial issues, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech language pathology, dental services, ophthalmology services, podiatry services, and transportation. Access to these services during day care hours ensures that a senior receives adequate care, while also providing caregivers with more free-time.

Only you can decide if Jersey Shore Adult Day Health Care Center is the right solution for your family, but we are offering a free one-day pass to our facility to help you make that decision.

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