Restore That Failing Roof Using A Superior Roofing Company

The roof is that one portion of the home that everyone relies on to keep the elements outside. It handles this job by using a non-permeable membrane such as asphalt shingles as a barrier. An experienced Roofing Company knows that quality, asphalt shingles can provide plenty of coverage if they are properly installed. The typical asphalt roof consists of a layer of decking material placed over a skeleton of rafters and joists. Once the decking is secure, the next layer should be roofing felt or a similar product. This acts as an additional barrier if the shingles become damaged. Unfortunately, roofing felt doesn’t survive very well once exposed because it is very thin and easily torn.

The material that covers the roofing felt will depend on the home. For example, many elegant homes make use of a roofing material known as composite shingles. This product was developed to resemble slate roofs. It does this by using custom edges, heavy shadows and thick shingle tabs. The design of the composite shingle places multiple layers, usually two or three, over the top of the shingle. This creates the illusion of slate because the thickness of the shingle, its color and style fool the eye. Plus, composite shingles often come with a warranty for the life of the home.

Laminated shingles are a similar option except this shingle uses an extra layer of asphalt placed on the back of it. The extra thickness makes them stronger and better able to handle high winds. Like the composite shingle, laminated shingles tend to have long warranties which make them an excellent choice for any Roofing Company to use when replacing a failing roof.

Once the new roof is in place, making sure, it doesn’t degrade requires a bit of an effort. The first step is to have an expert inspect the roof for damage. There is no actual schedule for this inspection, but every few years may help keep the roof from failing unexpectedly. This is because an inspection is designed to find faults that most property owners might miss. Contact the experts at C & R Home Improvements Inc. to learn more about roof inspections, repairs and replacement. You can also connect them on Facebook for more updates.

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