Reviewing Requirements For Vehicle Insurance In Lake Charles, LA

In Louisiana, all drivers must maintain auto insurance. This law is enforced throughout the country. However, each state reserves the right to control the coverage levels. An agent could help drivers identify their requirements for Vehicle Insurance in Lake Charles LA.

What are the Insurance Requirements?

For the state of Louisiana, all drivers must have liability insurance. The coverage requirements begin with a $15,000 minimum for each injury in an accident. The maximum coverage level for injuries is $30,000. The policy needs at least $25,000 for property damage that occurs during an accident.

How a Lack of Insurance Affects Drivers?

All drivers are required to show their proof of insurance at any time they renew their vehicle tags. They must also provide this evidence when registering a new vehicle. Routine traffic stops also require this proof of insurance. The driver may present a paper or electronic copy of their insurance during these stops. Any driver who doesn’t have insurance is subject to criminal penalties for driving without coverage.

What are the Penalties for No Insurance?

The Office of Motor Vehicles issues a notice if a policy is canceled, or there is a lapse in coverage. The vehicle owner has a ten day period to provide new evidence of insurance if the policy is canceled. This agency provides notification if the policy cancellation is due to a moving violation.

If the vehicle owner doesn’t provide new proof, they are subject to fines a fine of at least $100. However, the fine could increase up to $700 depending on the number of convictions. In some instances, the OMV can suspend their driver’s license and vehicle registration. If this occurs, they must pay fees for reinstatement after the suspension period expires. However, vehicle owners who provide evidence of a new policy within a three-day period of their notification avoid these fines and penalties.

The OMV retains the right to require SR-22. Any driver that doesn’t maintain their insurance could receive this assignment as a penalty. This coverage requires them to pay higher premiums and receive a classification of a risky driver.

Louisiana drivers are subject to criminal penalties if they don’t maintain auto insurance. This coverage helps them if they are at fault in an auto accident. The purpose of this requirement is to reduce litigation. Drivers who need Vehicle Insurance in Lake Charles LA should contact Curtis Insurance immediately.

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