Reviewing the Full Impact with a Brain Injury Attorney in Fort Collins

In Colorado, traumatic brain injuries could result from a multitude of events. These events could include auto accidents, medical errors, and construction accidents, among others. The victims of these events undergo life-altering circumstances that could cause devastating results. A brain injury attorney in Fort Collins provides legal assistance for victims and their families.

Sudden and Unpredictable Changes in Behavior

Traumatic brain injuries cause sudden and unpredictable changes in behavior. In some cases, the patient could become violent and harm others as well as themselves. These conditions may make it almost impossible for families to manage the care of the victim. The circumstances surrounding these sudden changes could end marriages.

Complete Mental Incapacity

In some cases, the victim becomes completely incapacitated. These victims are often bedridden and require around-the-clock care. Families may try to acquire in-home nursing care for these patients. A long-term care policy could provide assistance with these costs. Unfortunately, in most cases, victims who are mentally incapacitated could max out the benefits of their policies in a short amount of time.

The Cost of Long-Term Care

Families may choose to place the victim in a long-term care facility. Under these circumstances, the family may seek assistance in paying the expenses. If they need government assistance, the nursing home could attempt to seize the victim’s property to cover the cost of these expenses. Overall, the family could lose assets due to injuries that weren’t the victim’s fault.

The Total Losses of the Victim

The total losses of the victims include all financial losses related to their injuries, including medical costs, funeral costs, and any wages they lost due to their injuries. The victim or their family file a legal claim to seek compensation for these losses.

In Colorado, traumatic brain injuries have devastating effects on the victim and their families. The injuries could lead to sudden changes in behavior or the total mental incapacity of the victim. The family could also face high costs associated with providing care for the victim. Victims or a family representative can hire a brain injury attorney in Fort Collins by contacting Burton & Burton.

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