Reviewing Whiplash Treatments In Philadelphia, PA

Pennsylvania patients often seek the assistance of a chiropractor after an auto accident. These practitioners help the patients by diagnosing conditions of the neck, back, and spine. Among the most common injuries addressed by a chiropractor after an auto accident is whiplash. Chiropractors provide Whiplash Treatments in Philadelphia PA, for these patients.

Identifying the Symptoms of Whiplash

The most common symptom of whiplash is pain and a limited range of motion. Some patients experience tightness and cannot move their heads from side to side without pain. They could also experience severe headaches caused by pressure.

Symptoms don’t occur immediately in all cases. For some patients, symptoms don’t begin for at least a few hours. In some cases, it is one to two days after the accident.

How Does the Chiropractor Treat Whiplash?

Chiropractors have a variety of options for treating whiplash. Spinal manipulation is among the first choices. The chiropractor uses this technique to improve movement in the direction where the tightness is present.

Muscle relaxation exercises are also used to treat whiplash. They consist of stretching the surrounding tendons of the neck. The chiropractor also applies massage techniques with these exercises to reduce tension in the neck. As the patient’s muscles relax, they can continue the exercises and improve their range of motion.

Conducting a Stress Evaluation

The chiropractor may suggest lifestyle changes to reduce stress. Symptoms could increase due to stress and cause more neck pain. The chiropractor reviews the patient’s lifestyle to determine if changes could reduce their recovery time. These changes could reduce the impact of this injury on the patient’s life. They could also improve the patient’s outlook on life. This could also help prevent further injuries in the future.

Pennsylvania patients visit a chiropractor for evaluations after accidents and injuries. These services take an alternative approach to treating these conditions. Chiropractors use techniques that engage natural pain relievers and don’t require heavy medications. Among the most common Whiplash Treatments in Philadelphia PA, are spinal manipulation and massage. Patients who have sustained an injury and believed they may have whiplash should click here to get additional info about scheduling an appointment.

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