Reviewing Your Opportunities For A Car Insurance Policy In Sulphur, LA

In Louisiana, local insurance laws require all drivers to possess liability auto insurance. Any failure to comply results in fines ranging between $100 and $700. Non-compliant drivers may also be ordered to purchase and maintain SR-22 insurance. They will also pay reinstatement fees for the suspension of the driver’s license and vehicle registration. A car insurance policy in Sulphur, LA could help these drivers avoid these penalties.

Fulfilling the Minimum Requirements

The state of Louisiana requires liability coverage to begin with $15,000 for a single victim accident. The maximum coverage requirements is $30,000 for multiple victims of an auto accident. These values apply to recoverable injuries and fatalities that occur during the accident. Additionally, the policy must offer $25,000 for any auto repair requirements resulting from the accident.

Reviewing the Highest Coverage Level

Comprehensive is the highest coverage level achievable. It provides coverage for the vehicle owner’s injuries and property damage. It also covers any victims injured or killed in an accident that was the vehicle owner’s fault. The policy may also provide coverage for collisions in parking lots and during storms.

Exploring Discounts for the Policy

The most common discounts apply to safe driving records and multiple car policies. Policyholders may also access discounts for safe-driving teens. Teens with higher than average academic achievements also receive discounts for this status. An insurance agent identifies further discounts available based on driving records and credit ratings.

Could An Umbrella Policy Help Reduce Costs?

Yes, an umbrella policy can help reduce costs. These policies encompass all motorized vehicles owned by the policyholder. They can add automobiles, recreational vehicles, boats, and ATVs to the policy. With multiple vehicles, the premiums are reduced significantly. This could make coverage more affordable for the vehicle owner. It could also provide greater protection for their property.

In Louisiana, local insurance laws penalize any driver without auto insurance. Previous convictions for this infraction could deem the driver as a risk to other drivers. If this happens, they are required to purchase SR-22 auto insurance. Drivers who need to acquire a car insurance policy in Sulphur, LA should contact Curtis Insurance to avoid these penalties.

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