Rising Damp – Get A Permanent Solution For Your Problem

Rising damp is a concern for many homeowners and business owners in Australia. It is important to consider a permanent solution, so you don’t need to have experts in your home continuously. Damp Controllers offer practical solutions, depending on your building and needs. They provide a non-toxic damp proofing method, as well as many others to ensure that rising damp doesn’t cause structural damage and other problems.


The best course of action is to use 240v fans to circulate air into your sub floor area. This helps to circulate air, pushing the damp out outside the building. Because it regulates the air flow underneath the house, damp problems are controlled, and rising damp won’t occur.

This option works well for many buildings, but it may not be the most suitable solution to your needs. Therefore, you’ve got other options, as well.

Natural Ventilation

Natural ventilation in itself can usually cure rising damp problems. Companies are available to utilise wire vents made of brass to assist with natural air flow throughout the house. Likewise, they may use this solution along with fans to give a permanent fix to your problem.


If natural ventilation and fans don’t work, a damp proof course may be necessary. It’s best to hire professionals for this since the drilling of holes is needed and must be precise. Likewise, a non-toxic, water-based cream is injected into the holes, which will seal out moisture and prevent rising damp. However, the right amount of cream must be used, and it should be non-toxic to avoid illness in pets and children. Likewise, the professionals can re-render the plaster, should it become damaged from the rising damp. In some cases, the plaster must be cut or otherwise removed to place the drilled holes and apply the cream, which means re-rendering may be necessary.

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    Author: Phineas Gray

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