Robot Loading CNC: An Evolving Relationship

The integration of robots into the workforce has been an ongoing affair for some time now. It is no longer unusual to see robots and humans working together to produce a part/product. In fact, robots continue to work alongside humans, as cobots or replacing them in many repetitive actions. Robot loading CNC systems are one example of such a function.

Robot Assistants Not Robot Competitors

Robots are no longer a major threat in machine shops. Instead, they are evolving into a functional tool. They are freeing up workers to perform other functions, leaving the rough, heavy and/or monotonous tasks to robots. As an assistant, robots are common for loading and unloading tasks. In machine shops and other metalworking facilities, they are helping with the loading of tools for CNC machinery. Robot loading CNC systems work to ensure the right tools are in the right slots, saving the machinists time and energy.

As assistants, robots:

 * Help to increase output and, therefore profitability
 * Decrease expenditures
 * Address the need to meet the demands of the customers
 * Allow machine shops to pursue new markets without affecting current ones

Free machinists and other employees so they can set up other machines, prepare programs for CNC machines, deburr or assemble components
Evolving within the machine shop are trends towards increasingly having machinists and robots working side-by-side to produce components quickly, cleanly and cost-effectively.

Robot Loading CNC Equipment

Today, machine-tending robotic systems are making strides in performing basic machine shop tasks. Manufacturing employs cobots – a system in which robots and humans perform as one entity. This type of integration is not at play yet in machine shops. However, robot loading CNC systems are. They take over the loading of CNC machinery with the necessary tools. This gives machinists the chance to perform other more pressing and valued tasks. This is one-step in what is a fruitful, but still evolving, relationship.

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