Roofing Companies in Overland Park KS: When to Inspect Your Roof

As human bodies age, so do home roofs. Time, exposure to the elements, and more can lead to damage to the roof. For this reason, you need to establish a regular maintenance program – one that allows you to detect problems early and repair them, rather than waiting until a major problem comes up. When should you do this inspection and what should you be looking for? Roofing Companies in Overland Park KS offer recommendations on when and how to inspect a roof so you can protect your investment in your home or property.

Roof inspections, according to Roofing Companies in Overland Park KS, need to take place a minimum of twice a year, although some recommend you take this step more often. If you choose to inspect your roof at the beginning of the storm season, it’s a smart idea to check it again four or five months later, as a lot can occur in that time frame. For those who choose to inspect their roof only twice a year, it should be done six months apart, possibly in spring and fall.

Many assume they need to head straight up to the roof to complete the inspection. This isn’t always the case. Start by finding your paperwork on the roof to learn more about the warranty, when it was installed, and more. Check interior walls and ceilings to see if you can detect any problems from the interior of the home, and look for cracks or water stains, as they indicate a problem. Next, head up to the roof and assess it’s overall condition. Examine the shingles and the gutters, along with any flashing around a chimney or any other openings in the roof. Doing so ensures you don’t miss any problems.

If you find you don’t want to take this task on yourself, due to a limited amount of time, a fear of heights, or anything else, turn to a roofing company for assistance. Don’t put this task off, as it could lead to costly repairs. The money spent to have the roof inspected is well worth it when a problem is detected early. This allows for minor repairs rather than major ones, and ensures the interior of the structure isn’t damaged in any way. Don’t delay. Visit the website to learn more about roof inspections, when to do them, and what to expect.

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