Safe and Certified Honey Bee Control in Pittsburgh

Honey bees have a great impact on the environment and food supply. From pollinating fruits and vegetables to producing sweet honey, their role in agricultural production is crucial. Despite their importance, a honey bee colony that is located in a home or backyard can be quite an unpleasant event. These industrious insects can wreak havoc on the structure of a home and inflict painful stings on people and pets. An experienced exterminator can provide Honey Bee Control in Pittsburgh to keep indoor and outdoor areas safe and undamaged.

Bees Can Nest Throughout a House

Bees are very versatile when it comes to building a hive. They commonly reside in ceilings, floors, walls and even insulation. Outdoors, they are known to nest in trees and porch flooring. To successfully eradicate them, both the colony and the nest need to be removed. Once the exterminator has removed the hive, any visible holes should be sealed off to prevent further infestations.

Many people think honey bees are harmless due to their small size. While they may not be as aggressive as some species, they will sting when they feel provoked or threatened. Besides the pain from the initial sting, their venom can cause the skin to swell and itch. Some people have an allergic reaction to bees. If severe, it can lead to a life-threatening situation. In addition to people, honey bees can cause harm to curious cats and dogs who may be attracted to them.

Hire an Experienced Bee Removal Service

A company offering certified Honey Bee Control in Pittsburgh can safely and effectively remove the stinging culprits. A skilled exterminating company will not only remove the colony and the hive, but they will also identify potential problem areas that need to be sealed off to avoid future threats.

Located in Wexford, The-Beeman has more than 35 years experience eradicating homes and yards from the threat of all types of bees. Their bee removal techniques are certified by the EPA for fast, safe and effective results. The company offers convenient 24-hour emergency bee removal services in the Pittsburgh area. For more information about their services and techniques, visit the website today.

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