Save on Auto Insurance in Wichita KS by Avoiding These Mistakes

Car insurance television commercials seem to have clever spokespeople, animals or even cartoons, but there’s a method to all the madness. Insurers profit when drivers make mistakes, and the profits may be in the billions of dollars. Visit us for some tips on avoiding those mistakes and saving on this important coverage.

Buying the Wrong Coverage

Many elect to buy the state minimum coverage, but that can be expensive. For instance, if one gets into an accident causing $20,000 in damage and they only have $10,000 in auto insurance in Wichita KS, they must pay the remaining amount. It’s better to pay a little extra and get adequate coverage.

Withholding Information

Insurers don’t like it when drivers hold back information on coverage applications. They can always find old accidents and citations, which can drive rates higher than if one had been honest from the start. Insurers believe that those who hide old blemishes are a higher risk and untrustworthy, which can raise rates. By being forthright, one can get the best possible rate from the beginning.

Being Charged With DUI

If one is arrested for drunk driving, they have a host of problems, but auto insurance costs are one of the most enduring. Some research shows that a conviction can raise a driver’s rates for up to ten years, for as much as 40%. Avoid risky behaviors and always have a designated driver.

Not Asking for Discounts

Insurers are amenable to cutting drivers’ costs, but the customer has to ask for the discounts. Substantial savings can be had by bundling multiple coverage types such as life, car and homeowner’s insurance, and one can also save by installing certain safety features on a vehicle or by insuring multiple vehicles.

Not Paying in Full

Insurers like getting paid upfront, and they’ll offer discounts of 20% or more if the customer pays the entire year’s premiums in a lump sum. Most consumers aren’t happy with the idea of parting with hundreds of dollars at one time, but upfront payments can help them save all year long.

It’s not necessary to talk to a spokesman or an animated lizard to save on auto insurance in Wichita KS. Be an informed customer, plan carefully and look for all available discounts. If one can handle all that, they can save significantly on auto insurance coverage.

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