Saving Money with T Shirt Heat Transfers

by | Oct 7, 2014 | Business and Economy

Making custom T shirts is a time-honored past time. It can be expensive so many look for a more cost-effective way of doing so. Customers seem to gravitate to T shirt heat transfers as they are fast and can result in a unique garment just for them.

Screen printing is fast, but the traditional methods are often expensive. At an event such as a fair or festival, you want something efficient while being low cost. The process is also great for making shirts on site. For companies there are several other advantages as the latest type of heat transfer gives organizations leeway should their event not turn out as successful.

These are other benefits your company might see.

* The ability to quickly serve customers who order repeatedly, but in small quantities.
* A range of sizes, colors, and designs selectable on-site and immediately available.
* If you don’t meet sales goals, unused blanks can be sent back to the vendor. This is far less of a loss than losing out with unsold, traditionally screen printed, inventory.
* Turn-around times are much faster.
* No garments have to be re-processed as the new method is effective the first time.
* No setup charges need to be applied. The process is cheaper than direct screen printing.

With Gulfside for example, you also benefit because of the quality. The type of heat transfer ink and paper has a big impact on the final result. The better the quality, the better the outcome. Test pressing and inspections are also conducted. These are qualities you need to look for. It might take a little more effort in the beginning. Once you have a great service in place, you can offer customers so much more.

Selection is another good aspect. When enlisting the service of a company dealing in T shirt heat transfers, look for the range of colors available. Some companies process colors to maximize quality and will custom mix colors to create unique offerings for clients.

Other costs saving aspects include how long the printing will last. The range of garment colors and types of T shirts and garments it can be applied to also increase versatility, in turn impacting the cost of your bottom line. A more cost-effective method of screen printing is now within reach. If you offer this service to customers, there is now more versatility and freedom in providing creative and value-added services.

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