Securing Items In Self-Storage Units in York PA

When someone decides to place some of their personal items in one of the self-storage units in York, PA, they will to take some steps to ensure their belongings are safe at times they are not around to watch over them. There are several steps someone can take to help increase the security of their storage unit. Here are some tips that can be used to keep personal items out of the hands of potential thieves.

Place Treasured Items In Hidden Locations

It is a good idea to hide items of value among items that do not seem at all interesting. Placing treasures inside bins of old clothing or a box of old paperbacks will be likely to be passed over by a thief if they do gain access to the unit. Place boring items in the front of the unit to make it appear as if there is nothing interesting inside as well.

Make It Difficult To Get To Important Items

Placing items that are more expensive in the back of the unit is best. These can be covered with additional items so they are difficult to get out of the unit without being spotted by another customer. Pathways can lead to items in the unit that are not exciting to those looking for things to steal. Placing the more expensive items in the back corners of the unit where they are harder to access can help in keeping them from being stolen.

Ask About Security Features Before Renting A Unit

It is best to ask a storage facility what kinds of security they provide to their customers before signing a rental agreement. Many self-storage facilities will have an on-site security guard or security cameras to help in keeping the units safe. They will most likely provide the renter with a lock to use on their storage unit. Some storage units facilities will have access codes to get into the facility, helping to keep out people who do not have units inside as a result.

When there is a need to rent one of the secure self-storage units in York, PA, finding one with great rates is important. Contact A Better Rate Storage to find out more about the services they offer or to reserve a unit if desired.

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