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We live in a new era of violence of not knowing when or if a disgruntled employee, obsessed boyfriend, or depressed juvenile will storm the building with a duffle bag full of guns and grenades. Violence in the workplace, schools, and shopping centers are on the rise, and it makes everyone on edge. Politicians, business leaders, managers, and customers are all demanding that commercial buildings, public spaces, and schools implement a security plan to deter and prevent violence in the workplace, at school, and other public venues. Hiring security design consultants can design a solution that is innovative and proven to work in your specific environment.

Visitors, employees, and tenants have an expectation that they will be safe in buildings. Aggressive behavior is everywhere you look. People are becoming more agitated, and warning signs are everywhere. Some companies are becoming proactive and implementing a security plan with security design consultants.

A good plan begins with management by implementing rules that all employees must be properly trained by going through active shooter drills. Experts claim that by performing these drills regularly, employees can reduce the number of casualties because they know what to do, what not to do, and where to go. In addition, employees are taught to be vigilant. They can be trained to watch for warning signs and report suspicious behavior, threats, and intimidation. Proper corporate policies and procedures can help prevent unwanted behavior.

In addition, security design consultants can design, deploy, and oversee a security system to deter unwanted visitors. By using access control, CCTV cameras, and locks can actively prevent illicit behavior. By mitigating risk, controlling access, installing intruder distinction and monitoring systems, and training employees, managers and business owners can rest assured they have done their due diligence for keeping their customers and employees safe.

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