Selecting The Right Wire Rope Hoist For The Job

For most lifting requirements, right wire rope hoist will be the correct hoist option for the job. However, within this category, there are several other factors to consider including the weight of the lift, how the hoist will be operated and controlled and other specifications that may be unique to a specific industry.

Lifting Capacity

Taking the time to consider what you typically need on a job and what the extreme lifting capacity you may need is important. If the company only handles specific types of lifts, this is easier than if there are multiple different lifting requirements for a given hoist.

By considering the maximum amount that may need to be lifted by the wire rope hoist, you avoid the common problem of purchasing a hoist that doesn’t have the lifting capacity you need. While it may be possible to get away with a heavier lift, it puts considerable strain on the hoist and can result in early equipment failure that can end up costing time and money.

It will also be essential to think about your future requirements with it comes lifting ability and capacity. For growing companies moving into new markets, this is a critical consideration and will eliminate the need to upgrade equipment with each new job.

Movement Requirements

Depending on the types of materials and loads that will be handled, the controls for the wire rope hoist can be basic, or they may need to be more advanced. The more sensitive the materials to be lifted are to shock, vibrations or swinging the more specific and advanced the controls will need to be.

Some systems have a built-in correction for load sway. For very large lifting requirements where two hoists may be used, some systems offer synchronization features that help to address any possible operator error in these more challenging lift operations.

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