Sewing with Sequins – Easier than It Seems!

For many crafters, using sequin fabric is a nightmare. After all, how are you supposed to sew properly with all those little sparklers in your way? The truth is, sewing with sequins doesn’t have to be the stuff of bad dreams. It can actually be an easy way to create beautiful, on-trend gifts for every person on your holiday list and craft gorgeous pieces for your own home, as well. Read on to see just how simple it can be to sew with sequins!

Know Your Fabrics

Understanding what type of sequin fabric you have on hand is an important first step in making something spectacular with it. There are generally two types of sequined fabric: fabric where sequins are sewn into the fabric, and fabric onto which sequins have been glued. For most high-quality sewing projects – both clothing and décor – you should opt for fabric where the sequins have been applied by sewing. This means the adherence of the sequins will be better and the overall quality of your fabric will be higher.

Understand the Unique Challenges

With sequined fabric, you will have some experiences that differ from sewing with other fabrics that are unavoidable. Sequins will end up everywhere, even with high-quality fabrics. Your equipment may snag or hang up if you’re using a sewing machine or similar tool. You’ll have to avoid topstitching and ironing the finished product which may cause you to worry that your result isn’t perfect.

Don’t stress about it. Sequined items are always more beautiful at a slight distance as the light blurs any imperfections. By choosing a simple pattern and taking your time with a high-quality fabric, you can create something truly beautiful – and begin to fall in love with sequined projects!

Time to Get Started!  

Ready to take the plunge into sewing with sequins? Head to your local or favorite online fabric retailer and stock up on sequin fabric in every shade and style, and start making the handcrafted items you’re dreaming of. Once you get started, you’ll wonder why you waited so long to work sequins into your crafting repertoire!

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