Should You Install Standard Fire Doors or Accordion Doors?

Where you have an open area inside your building, you may have the choice of installing standard fire doors that close when the fire alarm is sounded or accordion doors which perform the same operation, but offer a space-saving option. Have you considered accordion doors in Minnesota for your organization?

What Do Your Doors Do?

Doors inside your building perform a variety of tasks. From a security point of view, they become an instant barrier so that individuals know which side of the doors they should remain.

The doors also form a barrier against fire as they seal the effects of high temperatures, fire, and smoke from passing through one area of the building to another. Accordion doors in Minnesota and standard fire doors are designed to close automatically in the event of a fire alert.

For your organization, it is important to appoint a professional company who are extremely skilled at both door installation and ongoing maintenance. They may be called to overhaul damage or replace a door that is beyond repair. They should be experts at maintaining automatic doors.

Using Accordion Doors

When your accordion doors in Minnesota are folded out of view, their space-saving ability gives the impression of a much bigger area. When the accordion doors are closed, they should provide a high level of security and form a complete barrier from one area to the other, including a full soundproofing.

Accordion doors can be purchased in a wide range of materials, but where they are to carry out the effectiveness of fire doors, your professional door specialists will be able to explain which models are most suitable for your circumstances.

It is important that all fire doors and accordion doors are serviced regularly so that they can be both efficient and effective in their everyday work and especially when they are called upon to become a fire barrier.

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