Signs That a Wheel Alignment in Tupelo MS Might Be in Your Future

A Wheel Alignment in Tupelo MS might be needed if while driving a vehicle it pulls to the left or the right or a vibration is felt in the steering wheel. The term wheel alignment is a bit of a misnomer in that it is not the vehicle’s wheels that actually need to be aligned, but rather the vehicle’s suspension that needs adjustment.

When a mechanic checks a vehicle’s wheel alignment they are evaluating three important aspects: camber, toe, and caster.

  • Camber – This refers to the outward and inward angle of the tires as viewed from the front. Negative camber is when the tire angle inward too far and positive camber is too much angle outward. Either of which indicates a need for adjustment.
  • Toe – Toe alignment also measures the angle of inward and outward tire tilt, but the view is from above, rather than from the front. It is easy to picture this if you use your own feet. If you angle your feet towards each other, that is referred to as toe-in alignment. Angle them outward and it is called toe-out alignment. If your tires are doing either one of these -; they need a Wheel Alignment in Tupelo MS.
  • Caster – This angle is responsible for the vehicle’s steering, cornering, and stability. This is determined by viewing the steering axis from the side of the vehicle. A steering axis that tilts too much towards the driver is called positive and one that tilts too far forward, toward the front of the vehicle, is called negative.

If any of these three alignments are off the result is uneven and premature wear of the tires. Tires that have tread on one side but smooth on the other side are referred to as feathered and a sign of improper toe alignment. If the inside or outside of a tire’s tread is substantially worn down compared to the center tread this is an indication of poor camber alignment.

If any of these signs of wear are observed on the tires or the vehicle pulls to the left or right, then Visit Macs Tire Center, as soon as feasible. Let’s face it, tires are not cheap, and it is in one’s best interest to keep them going as long as possible. Properly aligned tires also help increase gas mileage as wheels that are out of alignment cause more friction and drag, reducing fuel efficiency.

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