Signs That The Time Has Come for a New Transmission in Ocala

Many automobile owners are lucky enough to never have a problem with their car transmissions. From the day they buy their cars to the day they trade them in for something new, they work just fine. Others are not so lucky. Here are some signs that it may be time to think about the purchase of a new Transmission in Ocala.

Trouble Slipping into Gear

One of the first things that something is not quite right with the Transmission in Ocala is that it hesitates to slip into the right gear. It seems that even after the driver slips into reverse, there is some lag time until the transmission responds. Perhaps the transmission does the same thing when the driver attempts to pass another vehicle on the highway. Rather than considering this to be a minor annoyance, it pays to have a professional take a look at the transmission. If the problem cannot be repaired, it is time to think about a replacement.

Fluid Leaks

Any type of fluid leak with an automobile should prompt a visit to a repair shop. While many car owners are familiar with the look of an oil or radiator leak, it pays to look closely at the liquid and determine if it is red. Since most types of transmission fluid are red, that will tell the car owner what sort of leak is involved. Remember that transmission fluid is essential to proper function, and a leak will lead to further damage. Get the car to a repair shop without delay.

Warning Lights

If the transmission light comes on, take action now. It does not matter if any other sign of trouble has materialized. In the best case scenario, there may be some sort of short causing the light to activate. Most of the time, it means that some currently minor issue with the transmission has developed. Having it addressed now rather than later will keep it from turning into a major problem.

For anyone who notices that the transmission is not responding as efficiently as in the past, today is the day to take action. Visit a repair shop and describe what is happening. A quick evaluation of the transmission will be all it takes to determine if a repair is needed or if the time has come for a replacement.

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