Signs You Need New Mattresses in McMinnville, OR

You bought your bed years ago, and it always helped you enjoy a long and restful sleep. Recently, that has not been the case, as age and other factors gradually reduce your mattress’s effectiveness. You knew this would happen eventually, but replacing mattresses is far easier now than it was in the past. Different types, styles, and sizes allow you to customize your new bed and choose the right option to suit your individual needs. If you are unsure whether you need a replacement mattress, look for key signs that the time has come for a new bed.

Pain in the Morning

If you wake up with new or worse pains in your lower back, neck, or shoulders, your mattress may not be giving the right support to your body at night. Mattresses in McMinnville, OR, as supplied by such companies as Lewis Furniture, are designed to support the key areas of your body that need it the most. Your new mattress will naturally mold to the shape of your body as you settle your weight, allowing you to enjoy a longer, deeper sleep and fewer pains in the morning.


Your bed may become lumpy, saggy, or otherwise misshapen over time–this is especially true with mattresses made with metal springs. If you find yourself rolling toward the middle of the bed or toward one side, you likely need to replace it with a newer model. Lumps and sagging are not something that can be fixed with a DIY kit at home, and you deserve the chance to sleep well and get the rest you need after a long day.

Its Age

Over time, beds collect household allergens, dead skin cells, dust, and more. In fact, your bed may weigh as many as 15 pounds more today than it did when you first bought it simply due to the collection of various debris. It is recommended that beds be replaced every few years for health reasons, and it is in your best interest to listen to such recommendations. A new mattress may be just what you need to feel yourself again.

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