Signs Your Child May Have an Ear Infection in Bethlehem PA

An Ear Infection in Bethlehem PA is a common disease associated with children and adults alike. Otitis is the second most common infectious disease after nasopharyngitis. Ear infections most common in childhood tend to affects the middle ear.

Ear infections may occur in isolation or may occur with another problem, like nasopharyngitis. Ear infections may involve one or two ears.

Otitis externa

External otitis refers to the inflammation of the external auditory meatus due to a bacterium or fungus. Two main causes are inflammation: repeated contact with various objects (cleaning the ears with a swab) and the presence of water (bathing). Otitis externa causes pain, itching, and a discharge.

When it comes to otitis externa, pulling on the ear is quite characteristic of a child in pain. The treatment is based on antibiotic, antiseptic, or antifungal ear drops.

Acute otitis media

This issue can reach either the external auditory canal or the middle ear and, in particular, the eardrum. Otitis media (middle ear pain) may be either acute or chronic. It is mostly benign and may heal spontaneously without treatment. Acute otitis media (AOM) is an inflammation of the ear canal caused by an infection that mainly affects children before the age of 6 years.

This type of Ear Infection in Bethlehem PA is often associated with rhinopharyngitis (common cold), immature immune defenses, or a Eustachian tube defect (duct connecting the ear to the back of the nose). In children, digestive signs such as diarrhea or vomiting may be present. The disease causes loss of hearing, fever, pain, and bacterial infection, in most cases.

Serous Otitis

Serous otitis corresponds to a localized inflammation inside the middle ear. This type of condition is diagnosed easily due to a yellow liquid that is situated behind the eardrum. It drowns the ossicles and clogs the Eustachian tube.

The purpose of this duct is to send air to the ear during swallowing or at high altitudes. Serous otitis results from a lack of aeration inside the middle ear. It is relatively common for children between 1 and 8 years of age.

In adults, it usually accompanies a respiratory infection. Visit for more details.

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