Silicone Sealant – Not All Products are the Same

Silicone sealant is one of the best sealers you can use in the construction industry. However, when you check silicone based products you will see literally thousands and all claim to be the best. With so many selections, it’s important to choose the right sealer for the job so let’s check out some of the options.

Multipurpose Sealer
If you are in need of a good overall sealant, you can’t go wrong with quality multipurpose products. They are perhaps the most cost-effective option for your business. Multipurpose sealers can be used in many parts of a building including the kitchen, bathroom, and in outdoor areas.

100 Percent Silicone
When you need something a little more durable than a multipurpose sealer, 100 percent pure silicone is an economical choice. It stays flexible after installation and can resist changes in climate, vibrations and movements associated with construction. If you are installing in areas of high humidity a 100 percent sealer is an excellent choice. It provides an exceptional bond and seal and will not mold, shrink or change color.

For Roofers
Roofers will appreciate two specialized products. First, if you need to seal gutters you can find a silicone sealant made especially for the job. It can be applied on either dry or wet areas and forms a strong bond and seal. It is also made to resist shrinkage and the effects of UV light from direct sunshine. Gutter sealant works well for vinyl and aluminum and on painted and unpainted surfaces.

Do you have a problem sealing roof vents or chimneys? You can find a roof and flashing sealer made just for this job. It stays soft and flexible and is a much better alternative than using standard roofing tar because tar will eventually shrink, harden and even crack over time, and needs to be applied on a regular basis. With quality roof and flashing sealer, you can go for years without re-applying.

High Temp
Do you need to seal things in high temperatures? High temp sealant will hold up in temperatures are high as 600F. It can also be used on engine applications.

Neutral Cure
When you need to seal windows or doors, a neutral cure silicone sealant will be the best choice. It can be used in all kinds of climates and conditions and does not shrink. In fact, neutral cure sealer is designed to contract and expand with the change in weather to form a perfect seal all year long. Plus, it can be used on many types of construction materials.

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