Simple Troubleshooting Tips For Auto A/C in Montgomery TX

The sweltering heat of summer leads to most car owners using their automobile a/c system a lot more. By not having a properly working auto a/c system during this time of year, the commute to and from work can be misery for a car owner. There are a number of different problems a car owner can face with their a/c system. When a problem with the a/c system is noticed, the car owner will need to perform some different troubleshooting methods in order to find out which elements are damaged. This will allow for them to get the best estimates on the work when calling around to local auto repair shops.

Taking a Look under the Hood

The first thing a car owner needs to do when experiencing a lack of cool air in their automobile is to take a look under the hood. Once the hood is open, the car owner needs to look for an oily residue on the compressor or receiver drier of the a/c system. If an oily residue is detected, then the system is probably leaking refrigerant and oil due to a seal being busted. The only way to get this problem fixed is by taking the car into a professional and getting them to replace the seal. Visit here to find out more.

Is the Compressor Coming On?

When trying to figure out what is causing an auto a/c problem, the car owner needs to check to see if the compressor is coming on at all. In some cases, the compressor will not cycle due to a lack of refrigerant or possible a bad clutch. If the compressor is not coming on, then the faster an owner can get it to a professional the better. The professionals will be able to troubleshoot the compressor to figure out if it needs to be repaired or replaced.

The last thing any car owner wants is to suffer the heat of summer without their compressor. If repairs issues with Auto A/C Montgomery TX is detected, then call Discount Brake & Auto Repair in Montgomery TX. Instead of trying to handle these repairs along, a car owner will be able to get the professional assistance needed for comprehensive repairs.

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