Situations That Call for Professional Chimney Repair Services

Having a fireplace and chimney as part of the home design is a great idea. The combination can go a long way in helping to keep the heating bills a little lower, and even keep the place warm when the power is out. From time to time, there is the need for Chimney Repair Services.

Here are a few examples that call for a professional touch.

The Liner Needs Replacing

Buying an old home that comes with a fireplace and chimney is great, but it pays to have the chimney inspected before firing it up for the first time. The structure may have an older liner that needs replacing, or may even not have a liner at all. Calling a company that provides Chimney Repair Services will lead to a recommendation for the ideal liner, and also a professional who can take care of the installation process.

Replacing the Flashing

Around the Chimney Flashing is used to seal the area where the chimney protrudes through the roof. Without it, the chances of leaking are much higher. If the flashing begins to work loose, call a professional. It will be easy enough to determine if the old flashing can be reattached or if there is the need to install new flashing and tar as a means of sealing the area properly.

Dealing with Crumbling Mortar

A number of situations can cause the mortar binding the bricks to weaken. Before things get out of hand, have a professional come out and patch the areas of the chimney where the mortar is beginning to crumble. While there, the professional can also check the rest of the chimney and take steps to prevent more damage to the mortar in the future. It is in the best interests of the home-owner to keep the chimney in proper working condition at all times. If something does not seem quite right with the chimney, call the team at Arrow Roofing & Siding Inc. They can inspect the chimney, identify the origin of the problem, and provide the home-owner with a solution that will keep the chimney functional for years to come.


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