Sizing and Other Considerations when Selecting a Party Tent

If you are planning a large event or wedding, and you are not sure how large of a tent you need for your guests, chances are you could use the services of an expert. However, in addition to knowing the exact specifications for your tent, there are a number of other factors to consider.

Things to Consider when Selecting Tents for Parties

The selection of the right canopy or tent for your wedding or other event is important to ensuring the comfort of each of your guests, as well as the smooth traffic flow through the entire event site. Some things to consider when making this selection include:

* Where will the tent be placed? What type of surface will it be placed on – wood, asphalt, concrete, grass?
* What is your total amount of available space and the dimensions of the tent you plan to use?
* What is the total number of guests you will have at the event? Will they all be sitting at a sit down dinner, or are you simply planning a cocktail party.
* What are the other items that you would kids to have included under this tent? For example, a stage, dance floor, cake table, bar, buffet, etc.?
* What is the time of day that your event will be taking place? Are you going to require any type of lights or heat?
* Will you have access to a power source and what are the exact power requirements?
* Are you planning to have a part of the tent enclosed?
* Are additional tents going to be necessary for your caterer, beverage station or cake serving station?

There are currently four different styles of tents that are available to choose from, which will help you get the right product for your needs. When you have this information handy, you will be able to know exactly what you need when you plan to reserve the tent.

Usual Tent Sizes

Some of the most common tent sizes are highlighted here:

* 20 foot by 40 foot tent: This size can accommodate 100 people in a theater style or 64 guests that are at round tables.
* A 30 foot by 60 foot tent will be able to accommodate as many as 225 guests in a theater style and 144 at round tables.
* A 40 foot by 60 foot tent can provide seating roof from 120 guests.

Knowing the basics will help you to purchase the right tent for your event.



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