Snowmobiling: Get Out Into The Great Colorado Outdoors

Winter transforms a landscape no matter where you are. In Colorado, it alters the streets, fields, townscapes, and mountains. Depending on your preferences of course, you will either stay inside and curl up with a good book, or you will head off into the great Colorado outdoors. While some prefer to pick their way carefully through the snow, others prefer to just take off. There are many snowmobiling enthusiasts and Colorado always welcomes them warmly!

Snowmobiles in Colorado

You can stay in Grand Lake, which is the “Snowmobile Capital of Colorado”. In Grand Lake, you can drive your snowmobile into town from anywhere. You can also visit any of the following snowmobile hotspots in Colorado to enjoy your time in the great Colorado outdoors.

  • Breckenridge: Drive along well-groomed trails of the White River National Forest, and enjoy the snowmobiles only Georgia Pass Road from late November into May.
  • Kremmling: Enjoy 300 miles of trails on the Routt and Arapaho National Forest near Denver.
  • Vail Pass Recreation Area: If you are lodging near Vail, check out this sanctioned snowmobiling area. This very popular trail route is not for those who like to conquer new worlds and go at it alone.
  • Kebler Pass: In Gunnison and Crested Butte, this area provides groomed powder trails. Like Vail, it is popular among snowmobilers.
  • Meeker: With 180 miles of trails over challenging and varied landscapes including Ripple Creek Pass, this is for the best riders only.
  • Steamboat Springs: The terrain is generally treeless and easy to access. Try booting around at Rabbit Ears Pass.
  • Wolf Creek/Pagosa Springs: The trail systems swing through the rough and desolate San Juan Mountains. This one is not really meant for newcomers unless they have an experienced guide with them.

Snowmobiling in Colorado

For those who love to spend their days in the great outdoors, look to Colorado. Go snowmobiling and savor life! Seize each day and enjoy everything it has to offer.

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