Spending Time In Steamboat Springs Colorado

Steamboat springs CO is a destination for those who love to ski. Real estate in Steamboat Springs CO can go for premium prices because it is winter playground. Yet, those who know and love the community enjoy being there for more than the one “hot” season. They are part of a place where life can be enjoyable all year round.

June Means the River Festival
Those who have been fortunate to have bought real estate in Steamboat Springs realize that the skiing in the mountains is only one attraction of the area. While snow comes and goes, the Yampa River is there for everyone to enjoy all year round. Residents take advantage of the river and go boating, kayaking and paddling on the river. They spend time walking along its banks throughout the year and picnic beside it. It is after all, very much a part of the town, running as it does through its center.

Some have homes built near it.  Public buildings such as the Library are close to famed surfable holes. Kayakers spend time on the river negotiating the two surfable holes that actually lie within the town: D-Hole and Charlie’s Hole or C-Hole. The latter is named for renowned local kayaker Charlie Beavers (1981–2002).

In acknowledgement of the power and gifts of the river, Steamboat Springs hosts the Yampa River Festival. Every year, it is home to a variety of water sports. While the kayaking events attract international competitors, locals are very much a part of the festival. It is a day to spend on the river and watch friends, neighbors and renowned individuals take part in kayaking paddling and rafting events.

If nothing else, as a resident, you can join in the party that occurs after the events. There are local bands playing. You can also grab a local beer or two with friends, colleagues and family to mark the end of another successful River Festival.

A Glass of Wine, Anybody?
While many may decide to purchase real estate in Steamboat Springs CO to enjoy the skiing, others find it the perfect place to enjoy a glass of wine. In fact the town is home to one of the region’s premier wine festivals. The Steamboat Wine Festival is held every July. Taste the wine as brewed by master winemakers. Learn more about the art of wine drinking and making from the nation’s best.

This is an event which many wine fanciers from the town and beyond look forward to every year. There is great wine available. When it is combined with excellent food, most of it locally made, it makes you proud to be a resident of Steamboat Springs.

Why Buy Real Estate in Steamboat Springs CO?
Steamboat Springs is more than a ski resort. It is more than a town that relies on skiing to survive. Anyone who buys real estate in Steamboat springs realizes this is a community. While tourism and skiing play a major role in the history and life of the town, this is not who it is. Steamboat Springs is where people live and enjoy life the year round.



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