Statistics Verify That Pruning Is Best Performed by a Tree Service in Weston CT

Homeowners often want to attempt their own tree trimming and pruning, but they must realize the risk of injury is relatively high when they must do this work from a ladder or use a long pole with a trimming tool. In contrast, a professional Tree Service in Weston CT has all the equipment necessary to do these tasks efficiently and safely. The technicians also have been thoroughly trained and have the experience they need to prevent accidents from happening.

Alarming Statistics

It’s unpleasant to think about, but statistics indicate that amateur tree pruners should leave the work to the pros. When the Tree Care Industry Association investigated the specifics of serious tree trimming accidents among property owners untrained in this work, it discovered common threads in many of these incidents. Most of the injuries occurred when someone was hit by the tree or large branches. This often involved someone attempting to fell a tree and being incorrect about which direction the tree would fall.

Technicians with a company such as Northeast Horticultural Services spend considerable time evaluating the tree’s structure before taking any action. They use ropes to guide the tree in the direction it should fall. Visit the website to learn more about this organization’s services.

Ladders and Chain Saws Don’t Mix

In other cases, a person tried to cut branches while standing on a ladder and using a chainsaw. That is a recipe for disaster. Chainsaws and ladders are both dangerous enough without combining the two. Professional arborists with a Tree Service in Weston CT would never dream of doing that sort of maneuver. Instead, they use equipment like bucket trucks or platform lifts to carry the person doing the pruning to the necessary height.

The second-most common cause of injury when property owners attempted this work on their own was falling from a ladder. Losing balance while standing on a ladder is relatively easy, and it’s even worse when wielding a heavy motorized object. In addition, cutting a branch with a chainsaw often results in the branch falling straight down, hitting either the ladder or the person standing there.

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