Staying Safe When Waiting For Window Repair Frankfort

When someone has a glass pane in one of the windows of their home break, it will be necessary to take the proper steps in keeping safe until an effective Window Repair Frankfort can be completed. Most people will hire a professional to fix a broken window pane as the end result will be a pane of glass that will appear smooth while providing a sturdy surface. When waiting for a professional to arrive, it will be important to keep those in the home safe. Here are some tips to consider.

Pick Up Shards Of Glass To Avoid Cuts

If the window pane had shattered, slivers of glass may be embedded in carpeting or can be resting on hardwood floors. It is extremely important to remove these glass pieces in the attempt to minimize the chance of an injury. Use gloved hands to remove larger shards of glass. Wrap glass in pieces of newsprint and place them in a bin to bring to a recycling center or at the curbside if recycling pickup services are already being used. Smaller pieces can be vacuumed away from the floor.

Make Sure People Are Aware Of The Area

Let each person who will come into contact with the area around the window know that there is a broken present. This will allow them to be extra-careful when walking past the area, so they are less likely to become hurt. It is best to request that each person wear shoes when navigating the area as well.

Use Cardboard And Tape To Secure The Pane

Covering the pane until a Window Repair In Frankfort can be conducted will help to keep people safe. Use pieces of painter’s tape along cracks to help keep them from causing injury should they become more expansive in the side. Cardboard can also be placed over a window pane to secure the glass.

When there is a need to find a service that does Window Repair Frankfort, hiring one known for their fast response time is usually desired. Click here to find out more about A Better Door & Window and the services they provide today.

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