Steps For Termite Control in Queens

In New York, termites lead to the complete destruction of residential properties. These insects eat away at the wood products used to construct the property. As the infestation grows, the property becomes unstable and could shift resulting in more serious conditions. Local extermination teams provide Termite Control in Queens for residential property owners.

Inspecting the Entire Property

The extermination team must inspect the entire property. If homeowners see termites around the exterior of the property, chances are the termite infestation is serious. This is a clear indicator that the termites have broken through the exterior wall and compromised the foundation. The extermination team takes note of all areas in which the insects are discovered.

Cutting Off the Food Supply

The next step is to cut off their food supply. Termites burrow into the ground and produce tunnels. These tunnels allow them to travel underneath the property and acquire food and water. The extermination team uses barriers around these tunnels to prevent access to food sources. This strategy controls new termites and prevents them from causing more damage. However, the exterminator must treat the property with chemicals to kill off all termites outside the tunnels.

Distributing the Right Chemicals

The chemicals are distributed around the foundation, crawlspaces, and any additional areas affected by the insects. The exterminator continues these strategies until the termite infestation is eliminated. However, the initial treatments don’t guarantee that further infestations won’t happen.

Acquiring a Termite Contract

The residential homeowner acquires a termite contract with their chosen exterminator to control the insects. This allows the pest control provider to treat the property once a month. The treatments kill off any new termites that appear underneath the property. It also stops them from travelling any further around the property.

In New York, residential property owners are at risk of serious property damage if termites are present. These insects are known for causing mass destruction for these properties. They feed off the wood products that support the property. For this reason, the owner must eliminate them quickly. Homeowners who need termite control in Queens should Contact Metro Pest Control Inc. to schedule an appointment today.

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