Steps to Fix Your Roof if Issues Are Minor

In some cases, you can fix a leaking roof with no help from a professional. It may seem like a challenge, but if you follow certain safety guidelines you should be able to patch your roof. The steps listed below will help you fix a leaking roof safely and effectively.

Fixing Shingles

Step One

   *   Check for any damage that may have occurred on the roofing material where the leak is coming in. If you have a flat roof, this will be a much easier process.
   *   If you have a slanted roof, make sure that you inspect the areas on the roof that are at a higher level than where the water is entering the home.
   *   Run a garden hose along various sections of the roof to find out where the leak is.

Step Two

   *   Look for any curled, missing or damaged shingles around where the leak is coming in. You will want to also look for roofing tacks that are exposed or broken.

Step Three

   *   Straighten out any of the shingles that have curled back.
   *   In cold weather you may have to soften the shingle with an electric hair dryer or torch. Try not to use anything with an open flame on asphalt shingles because they are flammable.

Step Four

   *   You must now reattach the curled-back shingles after they have been straightened with compound or asphalt roof cement around the edges that are exposed.

Step Five

   *   Now you can replace any of the damaged shingles.
   *   If the shingle lifts up off of the roof with no effort or crumbles, it needs to be replaced immediately.

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